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Confused about the cleaning policy? Doubts? Requests?

We invite you to use our additional service

In case of need, we will bring you additional bedding

We offer a comprehensive service in the selected language.

We offer the additional attraction during your stay in Krakow - a carriage ride through the city center.

For your convenience and time savings we offer shopping service straight to the apartment.

Rent a car, price from 400 PLN (100 EUR) per night.

Hiring a guide to Krakow with a knowledge of the language. Price 100 PLN (25 EUR) per hour.

Planning and organizing banquets, business or family meetings. Price from 300 PLN (75 EUR).

Arranging transportation from the train station / bus straight to the apartment. Price 30 PLN (7.5 EUR).

Arranging transport from Kraków Balice Airport to the apartment. Price per car:

for 1 - 4 persons: 100 PLN (25 EUR).

for 5 - 8 persons: 120PLN (30EUR)

Embellishment of the apartment with flowers on the day of arrival, the price of approximately 100 PLN (25 EUR), depending on the amount and type of flowers.

We offer the additional service: Bed & Breakfast, breakfast set for 24,60 zł (6 EUR) per day per person.

We have prepared for your trip in a few programs most popular tourist sites.


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