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Dunajec white-water rafting - Apartments Krakow

Dunajec white-water rafting - rafter's season lasts from 1st April to 31st October.

Pieniny's raftmen offer rafting on one of the most beautiful river gorge in the whole of Europe, which is the Pieniny's river Dunajec. The rafting route starts at the rafters' landing stage in Sromowice - Kąty, where you can also visit a pavilion of Pieniny's National Park.

There are two destination points:

a) The Sromowce - Kąty to Sromowice route, 18 km in length (2h 15min)

b) The Sromowce - Kąty to Kościelisko route, 25 km In length (2h 45min)

Pieniny Mountains, a short, lime mountain range, situated to the northern east of the Tatra Mountains, streaches all the way to Slovakia and is the natural border between Poland and Slovakia. During your rafting journey you will have the opportunity to see mountain peak such as Macelowa Góra, Cisowiec, Zamczysko and Upranek and the beautiful Trzy Korony on the Slovakian side. The Dunajec white-water rafting is not only an amazing adventure, it enables you to rest up and spend some time within a wonderful landscape, untouched by human hand.

Estimated time of a one-way trip: 2h


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