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The Wieliczka Salt Mine - Apartments Krakow

The Wieliczka Salt Mine - is the oldest salt mine in Poland, tracing its beginning to the middle ages.

In 1976 it was included to the national registry of monuments and in 1994 recognised by the President of the Republic of Poland as a National History Monument.

Throughout centuries it has been a source of country's wealth as well as material fundament of culture - today it is the most frequently visited polish tourist attraction . Hundreds of years of exploration shaped present mine's pit arrangement. Hidden below the city, consisting of nine levels, the mine is 327 meters deep. Underground Wieliczka consists of 300 km of galleries and approximately 3000 chambers. The part accessible to tourist is 3,5 km long stretching from 64m to 135m underground.

Magnificent Chapels, beautiful underground lakes, original devices and equipment, visible traces of mining give you a unique opportunity to imagine the miners struggle against the forces of nature, their work, passions and beliefs. The miners of Wieliczka left behind multiple salt sculptures and bas-reliefs which can be seen in 30 accessible chambers, shafts and chapels. Currently, the mine is a historical monument, the salt excavation takes place in the nearby mines of Bochnia.

A guide tour last approximately two hours.

Estimated time of travel from Wieliczka to Kraków: 30min


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