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Already there took place the official start of the 71st Tour de Pologne. 18 professional teams of the UCI World Tour and three groups that have gained so.

We will probably be hosting the Winter Olympics in 2022. See the new spot.

Be prepared and check this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiIUdJ2nQLY 

Only till the end of August you will have an unforgetable opportunity to visit this breathtaking exhibition! 

Would you like to experience Cracow in a different dimension? Admire the city's magic from the only balloon platform in Cracow.

Cracow is the city that you can never get bored with and at. Its unique charm and beauty made that over 8 million people decide to visit Kraków annually. Tourists from all around the world arrive to the city to experience something exept

After an eventful exploration of Cracow, would you like to take a rest amidst green trees and admire a breathtaking view of the city? We suppose, that we know such a place.

Did you know?

Did you know that Helena Rubinstein, a world-famous cosmetic industrialist, founder of Helena Rubinstein Incorporated, the queen of luxury fragrances, one of the richest women of her times, was born in Krakow?

The Gallery of the 19th-Century Polish Art of the National Museum in Krakow

A stroll around one of the most beautiful and important streets in Krakow should be on the list of attractions for every tourist.


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