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71. Tour de Pologne - Apartments Krakow

Already there took place the official start of the 71st Tour de Pologne. 18 professional teams of the UCI World Tour and three groups that have gained so.

Tour de Pologne is one of the most prestigious Polish sporting events with 86-year of tradition. The first race took place in 1928, where willingness to particpate expressed 71 collages. Event from the beginning has become one of the biggest sporting events in the Polish interwar period 20. Because of World War II, it was necessary to abandon the race, but since 1947 it has been restored again.

In 2005, the Tour de Pologne was in an elite group of the ProTour, the only event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2011, the event was listed in the calendar of UCI World Tour, which brings together 14 major stage races in the world. Right but also the obligation to participate in the World Tour, have 18 teams the highest ranked of the world.

70th edition of the Tour de Pologne has become a huge event not only for the Polish scale. It turned out to be a huge success in sports, logistics and media. Eurosport race broadcast in 20 languages​​ in 54 countries all around the world. In Poland on television millions of viewers followed the race.

This year has already began operating 71 edition of the Tour de Pologne. The last step falls on Kraków. Cyclist will have to defeat 25 km. and its from the segment will depend on who eventually wins the race. Therefor all cyclings enthusiast, and those who simply want to participate in the cool sporting event we would like to invite to come to Krakow. At the same time we encourage you to book our apartments, which are located in the heart of the city:) 


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