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Festivals in Krakow - Apartments Krakow

Cracow is the city that you can never get bored with and at. Its unique charm and beauty made that over 8 million people decide to visit Kraków annually. Tourists from all around the world arrive to the city to experience something exept

Any other Polish city can offer such a wide variety of events and festivals. It is estimated that every year there are over 100 festivals organised in the city, 50 of which are of international importance. P&J Aparatments would like to recommend you some, which are difinitely worth taking part in.


The Festival of Jewish Culture is one of the most significant cultural events held in Kraków. Its first edition was organised in 1988 and it involved only series of lectures regarding the history of Jewish heritage. Presumably, it wasn't expected that during the past 20 years the festival will become one of the biggest events of that kind organised in the whole Europe. Its each edition involves 200 other cultural events, concerts, DJ parties, workshops, lectures, meetings and happenings. This is a unique opportunity to experience culture and an occasion to learn about traditional Jewish cuisine, dance, music, calligraphy and other aspects of this intriguing culture. Shalom na Szerokiej ('Shalom on Szeroka Street') became one of the most significant events of the whole Festival. This seven-hour concert involves performers from all around the world and will impress everyone.

The Festival of Jewish Culture is held in the end of June or in the beginning of July.

For more information about the festival, schedule and the tickets, please check the following website: http://www.jewishfestival.pl/


Lajkonik has been competing with the dragon for being the symbol of Cracow since ages. This peculiar figure has its holiday once a year, during Corpus Christi. In all weathers a colorfully dressed rider and his armed retinue passes Kraków in a colorful procession. The origin of Lajkonik is unknown and even the historicians have a difficulty at pointing its descent. However, one of the stories is associated with 13th centrury, when Kraków was attacked by the Mongolian army. People of Cracow managed to repell the invasion. They killed one of the leaders, a Tatar named Khan, and the victorious defenders riding into the city were wearing Khan's clothing.

About one o'clock in the afternoon, Lajkonik dances, surrounded by his loyal companions, a traditional dance on the courtyard of the Premonstratensian Monastery on Zwierzyniec. Then from the monastery, down Tadeusza Kosciuszki, Zwierzyniecka, Franciszkańska and Grodzka streets he reaches the Market Square. With the companion of traditional melodies the legendary figure visits shops and restaurants collecting some money (each coin given will bring luck and happiness to the shop owner, according to the legend). Exotic clothing, drum sounds, laugh and happiness create an amazing atmopsphere you cannot miss!

Summer Jazz Festival (Letni Festiwal Jazzowy w Piwnicy Pod Baranami) was organised for the first time in 1996 during the 40th anniversary of Piwnica Pod Baranami, which is a legendary literary cabaret located in Cracow. Witold Wnuk, who is the founder and the director of the festival, was inspired by the legend of Piotr Skrzynecki and made up the idea of a cycle of concerts organised at the cult Piwnica. Very soon the festival has expanded its presentation for more additional events organised at the Cracow Philharmonics, Cracow Opera, various art galleries and open air concerts on the Main Market Square. Ruding the past 15 years thousands fans of jazz gathered to listen to such famous performers as Urszula Dudziak, Tomasz Stańko, Michał Urbaniak, Nigel Kennedy, Bobby McFerrin, Chick Corea and many more.

For more information, schedules and ticket availability, please check: http://www.cracjazz.com/


Admirers of photography will not feel dissapointed as well. Cracow and the Cracovians are the inpiration for dozens of photographers arriving to the city each year. These who would like to broaden their artistic horisons should attend the Festival of Photography (Cracow Photomonth). This festival was estebilished in 2002 and is featuring over a hundred artists from all around the world. The Photomonth is organised anually in May and turns Cracow into a big exhibition. Some of the exhibitions are organised in the local pubs and cafes, while the others in more extraordinary locations. For more information please chekc the following website: http://www.photomonth.com/


Sacrum Profanum Festival is an international music project. As soon as it was held in 2003, it gained the worldwide recognition. Sacrum Profanum gathers fans of modern experimantal music and such performers as Kraftwerk, Leszek Możdżer, The Cinematic Orchestra or Tomasz Stańko have been performing during the festival. The events takes place in September and lasts a week . It is organised in the most industrial scenes of Cracow, in order to increase the atmosphere of mystery. For more information, please check the festival's official website: http://www.sacrumprofanum.com/pl/1/0/2/strona-glowna


Visitor who are sensitive to art and are fond of theatre, might be interested to join Kraków Theatrical Reminiscences. This particular event takes place since 1975, making the festival one of the oldest in Poland. In 2003 its schedule was altered making the Festival one of the most valued theatre festivals in Poland and even abroad. Participating this event is an opportunity to experience conscious and corageous artistic decision in drama. Initially, the project was focused only on the students theatre movement present on the theatre scene in the 70s and 80s. Soon it gained recognition, as the Festival has changed its formula into more innovative, interesting and intriguing. Theatre troupes from all around the worl arrive to Kraków to present the finiest forms of drama.


The Kraków Theatrical Reminiscences is held in July. For the further information and for the schedule, please check the official website: http://krt-festival.pl/o-festivalu/?lang=en


Christmas time is a magical period and in Cracow it seems to be even more exeptional. Anually the Historical Museum of Cracow is organising a competition for the most beautiful Nativity Scene (Szopki krakowskie) in the whole city. The Nativity Scenes are modelled by the Cracovian craftsmen, which are creating impressive ornate structures that can be up to two metres high and three metres wide. Tourists from all around the world visit the Musum to admire these wonderful pieces of art and craft. Some of the 'szopkas' contain movable wooden figures or puppets that refer to elements of Polish tradition (including historical figures sucha as hussars or legendary dragon of the Wawel Castle).


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