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Floriańska Street - Apartments Krakow

A stroll around one of the most beautiful and important streets in Krakow should be on the list of attractions for every tourist.

Floriańska is one of the most important streets in Krakow. Already marked on the map in 1257, stretches from the Main Square to the Florian Gate. Here kings walked through the city after entering via the Florianska Gate. The owners of the houses which surrounds the street were wealthy merchants and nobles, which indicated their social status and wealth.

We are lucky to have our office here and we give you the opportunity to rent apartments in these beautiful buildings. Each building has its own unique history, certainly one of the most important number is 41, this is where Jan Matejko -the most celebrated Polish painters was born, lived and died. Today there is a museum devoted to his life and achievements.


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