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Garden cafe - Apartments Krakow

In the summer a lot is going on in Krakow. While almost 120,000 students are gone for the holiday, Market Square filles with tourists, musicians, mimes, dancers, gains a totally different new meaning. Attracted by the unique atmosphere foreigners or Poles from other cities frequently visit Krakow to become a part of this magical city for a while.

The Market Square has to offer plenty of activities. Depending on your preference, you can spend hours here learning about the interesting history of Krakow, walking around the streets or shopping. But there are places that connect people with even the most divergent interest-GARDEN CAFE!

Depending on the weather, the garden cafe season sometimes lasts from early spring until late autumn. During the hottest days you can hide under huge umbrellas and take a icy cocktails. In autumn you can spend many hours just relaxing with a cup of tea catching last sunshine. Here you can have a dinner or small snack, have a cup of coffee or tea, spend a nice evening with friends with some good wine or delicious Polish beer enjoying beautiful view over the city.


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