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Helena Rubinstein - Apartments Krakow

Did you know?

Did you know that Helena Rubinstein, a world-famous cosmetic industrialist, founder of Helena Rubinstein Incorporated, the queen of luxury fragrances, one of the richest women of her times, was born in Krakow?

She was born on 25th of December 1870 in numerous shopkeeper’s family. Her real name is Chaja Rubinstein, she was the eldest daughter of Augusta and Horace Rubinstein.

It’s known that she studied medicine in Switzerland for a short period of time. In 1902 she moved to Australia and opened her first beauty salon in Melbourne, and began promoting a face cream based on “Carpathian herbs” formula. That was the first step to her beauty empire.

Then she found thousands of “Carpathian herbs” formula believers in Sydney, which gave her enough profits to open a Salon de Beaute Valaze in London, then in San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Toronto and New York. As such, Helena established one of the world’s first cosmetic companies.

Enormously energetic, smart, hardworking and willful madamme Rubinstein conquered the world. Parsimonious and modest enough to carry her lunch in a paper bag, she was very generous to charity organizations, especially in a fields of health, art and education. In 1953, she established the philanthropic Helena Rubinstein Foundation to provide money to organizations specializing in medical researches and rehabilitation as well as to the America-Israel Cultural Foundation and scholarships to young Israelis.

She died aged 94 in New York, the 1st of April. Her business was estimated at more than 60$ dollars. She was married twice. Her second husband was 23 years her junior Georgian Prince Artchil Gourielli-Tchkonia, and Helena called herself as Helena Princess Gourelli. Her portrait was painted by many famous artist, such as Salvador Dali, Raoul Dufy and Marie Laurencin. Her motto was: "There is no ugly women, there are lazy ones"



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