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Krakow history - Apartments Krakow

Patron of arts and sciences, the city develops and expands. During this period, two satellite cities were founded: Kazimierz and Kleparz, at present, they are districts of Krakow. In 1364, the King establishes the Krakow Academy (at present – Jagiellonian University) which after Prague’s is the second University in Central Europe.

In 15th and 16th centuries Krakow flourishes. Many artists and scholars settle in Krakow. It is there that one of the greatest sculptor of Medieval times-Wit Stwosz- creates his masterpiece: the alter for St. Mary’s church. The famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus pursues his studies at the Academy of Krakow. Splendid Italian architects: Francesco from Florence, Giovanni Maria il Mosca from Padua, Bartholomeo Berecci, Santi Gucci work there creating the Renaissance image of the city.

In 1609, King Zygmunt Waza the Third moves his residence to Warsaw. In spite of this fact, Wawel Cathedral remains the coronation and sepulchral church of Kings of Poland.

Throughout all the 18th century, Krakow was repeatedly besieged, conquered and pillaged by Swedish, Russian, Austrian and Prussian armies. In 1795, when Poland lost its independence, Krakow was incorporated into the Austrian domain. With the exception of periods of Grand Duchy of Warsaw (1809-1812), and of Krakow Republic (1815-1846), Krakow remained under the Habsburg rules till 1918.

The relatively liberal Austrian regulations allowed for cultivation of Polish language, tradition, culture and custom. On the turn of 19th century an artistic vanguard, known by the name of Młoda Polska arose in Krakow. This new artistic movement was a true revolution against hitherto existing currents in art. From Krakow, the new idea spread to other parts of the country. After regaining of independence by Poland, Krakow remains an important centre of culture, history, sciences and very popular city among tourists from all over the world.

Source: Przewodnik z planem miasta Krakowa, wydanie 1.


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