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The Main Square - Apartments Krakow

The biggest market square in Medieval Europe (4ha), surrounded by monumental tenements and palaces. Among the following are of special interest: No 9: The Boner’s house – second half of 16th century, Renaissance attic. No 8: “Pod jaszczurami” house – its portal is decorated with a Renaissance sculpture depicting two lizards. No 7: The Montelupi’s house (the Italian house) – originally built in Gothic style. In 16th century, reconstructed in Renaissance. The seat of the first Polish post office. No 6: The “Gray” house – built in 13th century, reconstructed many times. It has ribbed vaults, Renaissance ceilings and Baroque portal. No 35: “Krzysztofory palace” – now the History Museum of Krakow. Built in second half of 17th century. Particularly interesting are the stucco work of Baltazar Fontana from the beginning of 16th. In the Gothic basement a café is situated. No 27: The “Rams Heads” palace – once owned by the most prominent Polish magnate families. It was built in the 16th century created by merger in Gothic, middle class houses. The Classicistic façade, decorated with allegoric figure was created in 1860. The basement of this building is the seat of the famous cabaret “Piwnica pod baranami” No 20: Zbaraski’s palace – is a typical city residence of Polish magnate family. The early Classicistic façade from the second half of 18th century is decorated with allegoric figures. No 17: Hetman’s house – the Old Mint- built in 14th century. A Gothic room with ribbed vault is situated on the ground floor. Today – Museum of History of Photography. No 16: “House of Wierzynek” – according to a legend in this house the rich Krakow burgher held a sumptuous feast for European Kings, Caesars and Princes. Now a renown restaurant.

St. Mary’s Church – The Main Square, Old Town Three–aisled basilica, completed in 14th century, with two towers of unequal height. Every one hour, from the taller tower sounds the “mariacki” bugle-call. Its beautiful melody stops short suddenly as it did when a legendary guard playing this melody in order to warn the city was shot by Tatar arrow. Inside the church is the famous altar – the masterpiece of Wit Stwosz depicting the death of Christ’s Mother and in one of the nave, within a Baroque altar there is a stone cross also sculpted by Wit Stwosz.

Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) – The Main Square, Old Town Covered market (100 m length) was built in the beginning of 14th century. After a fire which partly destroyed it in 16th century, it was reconstructed in Renaissance style by Giovanni il Mosca from Padua – Padovano. It was then, that attic decorated with mascarons in stones was added. In 19th century, the cloth hall was thoroughly renovated. Now, on the first floor, a gallery of modern art is situated. In Sukiennice you can also buy traditional Polish souvenirs and amber jewellery.

Town Hall Tower – Main Square, Old Town Gothic building from 19th century. Now, a branch of History Museum of Krakow. Now there is a cute café in the basement.

Source: Przewodnik z planem miasta Krakowa, wydanie 1.


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