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White Krakow - Apartments Krakow

Millions of lights, Christmas trees, Santas, glowing angels designed specifically for Krakow and other Christmas motifs adorning the Market Square and the streets leading to it, will put even the biggest doubters in the festive mood. That pleasant light in the city center make frozen passersby smile, which immediately contribute to the festive atmosphere prevailing here.

Coffee shops are serving hot chocolate, mulled wine and aromatic tea. The smell of cinnamon, Christmas trees, orange slices and cloves are in the air. Believe us, there is a planty pleasant ways to get through a cold winter.

During a visit in Krakow, a walk along Wisła river is a good idea. Those who missed the opening of a new footbridge linking two districts Kazimierz and Podgórze in the autumn, can now catch up. View on the Wawel covered with snow can be enjoyed from the deck of Aquarius. In this "floating" restaurant you can not only eat well cooked fish or seafood but, as befits visit to a true barge, enjoy a good rum.

Christmas market will chear us up during whole December and then, a few days before New Year's Eve will disappear to give space to all party people welcoming New Year 2011.

For those who are renting our apartments, for tourists and all the fans of winter sports we suggest a trip to the nearby ski slopes, where you can buy lift pass and hire the necessary equipment for skiing. For beginners we offer ski schools, where under the watchful eye of an instructor you can make your first steps. We also recommend a one-day trip to the beautiful town of Zakopane in the Tatra Mountains. There, in addition to the skiing, you can also use the funicular railway. After a few minutes' ride you can admire the beautiful views from the top of Gubałówka Mountains or from the top of Kasprowy.

As you can see, winter this year is promising. We wish all visitors many unforgettable experiences!


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