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P&J for Erasmus 2014/2015. - Apartments Krakow

Each year we are really happy to host Erasmus students from all over the Europe and whole world.

This year also we would like to address our special offer to Erasmus students looking for temporary accommodation in our stunning city of Cracow.

Located strictly within the city center, our spacious, self-contained apartments come fully equipped with kitchenette, renovated bathrooms and stylish bedroom(s) to provide you with a home-like atmosphere. Free WIFI access and TV- satellite is also included.

For Erasmus students during the period from October to March we prepared special prizes:


*4000 PLN for apartment with two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom (maximum 4 people)

*3000 PLN for apartment with one bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom (maximum 3 people)

*2500 PLN for apartment with one bedroom, kitchen and bathroom (2 people)


As always in case of any additional doubts or need of extra information do not hesitate to contact us!


Looking forward to see You in Cracow!


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